Welcome to Coffeechug PBLsun.png

This wiki is designed to allow me a much cleaner look to sharing out all my resources that I gather as an Instructional Coach. As our building moves to Project Based Learning I work to find new ways and ideas to help teachers shift the way they teach.

This wiki will constantly be updated. Over time I plan to organize within the subject pages and Table of Contents. However, before this happens we need resources added to figure out how best to organize.

I have hundreds of links saved to my Evernote, Twitter, and other sites. I will work to slowly add them all to this wiki.

Additionally, like everything I do I am hoping to crowdsource this page to allow anyone who wants to contribute to do so. If you have projects of your own, other ideas, templates, etc. then please consider joining and helping to make this wiki a massive list of goodies for all.

Welcome aboard! Grab a cup of coffee and let's get started.