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Microsoft Word considered harmful - I think this could lend itself to an interesting debate/persuasive project with students.

Charlie Stross really, really hates Microsoft Word. So much so that he's written a 1600-word essay laying out the case for Word as a great destroyer of creativity, an agent of anticompetitive economic destruction, and an enemy of all that's decent and right in the world.external image 0e5ae273-09ec-4e02-bb85-9158b84af9cc.gif?resizeSmall&width=860

Vonnegut's Term Paper Assignment - I think this would be an interesting assignment to give students today.
A new Best American Nonrequired Reading is out today, and as I glanced through it, I noticed that they decided to include one of the most interesting assignments that I’ve ever seen, Kurt Vonnegut’s “Form of Fiction Term Paper Assignment”:

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